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Nirvana Integration Platform

The Easiest, Fastest and Most Budget Friendly integration Solution.

Distilled Data Nirvana iPaaS is a cloud-based platform that enables you to integrate and analyze data from different sources with ease and speed. You can connect to various source systems, such as NetSuite, SQL, HubSpot, Salesforce, and load the data into a data warehouse of your choice, such as Snowflake, SQL, Postgres, Databricks and more. You don't need any database admin or developer skills to create your data pipelines.

Nirvana iPaaS will automatically extract the source data schema and build the destination tables and fields for you. You can also choose between full or delta loads depending on your preference. With the Distilled Data Nirvana iPaaS solution, you can get more insights from your data in less time.

A Typical Data Pipline Brought To You By Nirvana


What Makes our NetSuite Connector The Best?

We have custom built our NetSuite connector to utilize SOAP, REST and SuiteQL interfaces.  But it goes a lot further than that.

We have mastered NetSuite's API integration capabilities.  Not every object is available in NetSuite's interfaces.  Some object are accessible via SOAP, some are in REST and if you want really fast data extraction from NetSuite we use NetSuite's query language SuiteQL.  We are the only solution which has studied, tested, vetted and continuously improves this magical recipe.  We are the Michelin Star Chefs of the NetSuite extraction interfaces.

Lower Cost

  • Can be setup and managed by non-developers which significantly reduces implementation timelines and project cost to the business

  • IaaS: Enables the most scalable and lowest cost solutions for customers

  • Enterprise grade applications with SMB pricing model

Easy No-Code

  • Used by Financial Analysts (No Developers needed)

  • Point and click object selection

Solve Data Chaos With Nirvana

Solve Data Chaos With Nirvana

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  • The Fastest NetSuite Extraction Platform

  • Enables full data lake refresh in minutes not days

  • Delta change data flows for even faster performance and less impact on destination systems

  • Runs 48X faster than an industry leader


  • Simple home page shows the status of integrations

  • Logging enabled reporting

  • Easy to view source object data with our proprietary “Peek” capabilities.



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Ready to Kickstart Your Journey?

Happy Businessman
“We had another solution which cost over $15,000 a year in licensing, plus tens of thousands of dollars in developer costs per year. We replaced it with Distilled Data's Nirvana platform and saved a lot of money”

– CIO of a $65M company

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