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5 Business Benefits of iPaaS (Integration Platform as a Service)

Updated: Jul 12, 2022

Current customer preferences require organizations to have an agile and reactive technology landscape. Organizations require a platform that can integrate and shift between cloud-driven systems and vendors, scale to meet their ever-changing demands, and handles their growing processes, all within a short period. An ideal approach for organizations to meet this challenge is adopting iPaaS.

An iPaaS (Integrated Platform as a Service) is a cloud-based integration technique that can link applications, data, and processes faster than conventional platforms. iPaaS solutions are specifically designed for the cloud, enabling them to effortlessly handle the ever-changing demands of SaaS applications which require connecting to a wide range of applications and databases.

There are many benefits that organizations can derive from implementing an iPaaS solution for their work processes. Here are the five core benefits of iPaaS solutions:

"iPaaS solutions are specifically designed for the cloud, enabling them to effortlessly handle the ever-changing demands of SaaS applications…"


An iPaaS eliminates the need to hire expensive developers to create code to integrate customer-based applications, resulting in huge cost savings for organizations. iPaaS platforms are cloud-based, hence are available as monthly or yearly subscriptions, making it affordable to most organizations. You also don’t require any software or hardware to integrate your applications.

Flexible Architectural and Licensing Models

An iPaaS solution eliminates any restrictions on architectural and licensing models such as engagement rules and shared CPC licensing models. Most iPaaS solutions allow enterprises to deploy integration runtime engines whenever, wherever they want, on the on-premise server or in the cloud (public or private). iPaaS platforms offer an ‘always-open’ multichannel digital platform that connects data, applications, processes, devices, and people.

Support Low-Code Development

iPaaS allows low-code development tooling, better visibility of integration flow, and consumes less time, resulting in data integration processes using little technical knowledge. This makes it easy for non-technical people to build integration and test them effectively. iPaaS platforms also allow for point & click and drag & drop capabilities, allowing developers to visually map out integration and employ prebuilt connectors.

Enhanced Decision Making

iPaaS reduce the gap between business intelligence and data entry. It allows organizations to track real-time data on operation, making it possible for decision-makers to make decisions as correct and precise as possible. Since iPaaS solutions work in the cloud, they can acquire data from multiple sources and devices, drastically reducing the time it takes decision-makers to discover important information.

Secure gateway

Security of cloud-based integrations involving data transfer between cloud and on-premise integrations are major security concerns of organizations. iPaaS platforms can offer data transfers that don’t require additional customer authentication or verification, which is a more secure way of data transfers. iPaaS solutions reduce security breaches through features such as; real-time intruder alerts, fraud detection, and easily accessible reports.

We’re Here to Help You!

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